Monday, July 13, 2009

Wet and Wild!

It's seems to be raining a lot lately. Usually I don't mind the rain because the farmer lets me stay in bed all day with a full rack of hay to eat. Lately, though she has been forcing me to stay outside and get rained on! Most of the day it is sunny and nice but then inevitably it starts to rain and sometimes pour. We all get together and cry and scream to tell the farmer that she needs to come and put us inside. Sometimes she is there and will put us in, but sometimes no one is home and we have to sit out in the rain. I don't like sitting in the rain because it is cold and wet and uncomfortable. Not to mention my hair goes all frizzy and I can't do anything with it.

Then on Friday it was not raining, in fact it was sunny all day for once. And what does the farmer decide to do --- She gives us a BATH! B-A-T-H is a four-letter word. The farmer pulled us out of the pasture one by one and just when I thought she was giving me my dinner, she dumped a bucket of water on me!! She scrubbed and rubbed and put my hair into a complete tizzy. The only consolation I got for this humiliation was a little soggy grain. I can't believe she would ruin the only dry day in two weeks by a BATH! Oh well, I had to laugh when the farmer dumped all of the rinse water on Pepper and that ditz just stood there! She acted like getting all wet and soapy was a good idea to her. Sometimes she can be clueless.

Hopefully it will stop raining soon. I am not a fan of wetness.

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