Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Somethings Taste Good, Somethings Taste Bad

All this wet weather has me feeling icky with worms. That's right, worms. I admit it, like most in the caprine world, I have worms. They're hard to escape from, especially since all the good grass is located on the ground. As I eat that yummy grass, those horrible worms get in my mouth and then set up camp in my stomach. Luckily the farmer has noticed my problem and has set about to freeing me from the onslaught of the unwelcome invaders. The down side is that the deworming medicine tastes just awful! I am a smart one so I know that any time the farmer comes at me with that big oral syringe there's no fighting it and no matter what I do I will end up with that yucky stuff in my mouth (and some on the farmer's shirt). I wait my turn. I am a good girl, unlike Pepper who runs around all willy-nilly until the farmer puts her in a full-nelson and jams that syringe down her throat. Then Pepper runs around coughing and shaky like the total drama queen that she is. I, on the other hand, take it like a champ and hope that it will be followed by something more palatable to wash the taste out of my mouth (like peppermint nibblies).

Just when I was certain that the big syringe only contained things that taste bad, the farmer surprises me with a syringe full of yumminess! It was full of yummy Red Cell iron supplement. That is my favorite because it is about 90% molasses and 10% vitamins and minerals. Once I got a taste for that I sucked the stuff right out of the syringe, licking my lips the whole time. My mom saw what was going on and when her turn came she grabbed the syringe with her teeth and didn't let go until it was empty. Pepper on the other hand had to have her fill of drama so she gagged and choked the entire time. Argh! Nubians -- you can't live with them, you can't convince the farmer to get rid of them.

So now my theory about the bad tasting syringe is shook to its core. I don't know what to expect the next time the farmer comes in carrying it full of some mysterious liquid.

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