Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm still here!

I am still here, believe it or not! The farmer is a little busy right now with summer coming on and I have been a little busy with all the fresh grass coming on, so we apologize for not writing sooner. I am doing well. My milk is coming steadily and I am shedding for the summer. Perhaps the farmer will help me out and trim my coat. She usually gives me a pretty bad haircut but it makes me feel lighter and cooler, so I don't mind. A bath might even be nice if it would stop raining and warm up long enough to get a bath and then dry off. I have had plenty of "showers" this spring with the constant yet unpredictable rain. For a while I was afraid I needed a snorkel to get out to the pasture! Argh...

The kids are getting big. I think the farmer is getting ready to let them go to their new homes, according to all the grunts and grumbling I hear coming from the kid pen when the farmer is in there trying to feed them. She always seems to come out of the pen with hoof marks on her butt. I have to smile a little at that. Thank goodness it's her and not me that has to deal with those little troublemakers! I have the good sense to enjoy being milked by a nice steady milk machine and not a pushy-shovey kid. Thank you very much!

Well, time to get back to that fresh grass.

PS: If you see the farmer, tell her it's time to move the fence to a new patch of grass. We goats don't appreciate picking over the same piece for a week. Thanks!