Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Escape: Part Deux!

When we were put out to the pasture yesterday morning, I could hear the familiar click of the electric fence charger in the distance. We knew the fence was on. We knew we would get shocked if we touched the fence. We knew we would get no extra grain treats that night if we got out of the pasture. But we also knew there was a great delicious forest on the other side of that fence.

Pepper was the first to make a move. She eyed the fence up and down and then picked a spot to test it. She put her head down, aligned her shoulders, and gave a mighty shove to the hot fence. She did it fast, faster than I thought a Nubian could move. So fast in fact that the fence didn't get time to shock her. Once the fence was leaning, we could all easily step over it. Pepper went first, I followed, Cookie followed me. Gloria hesitated but didn't want to be left out of the feast like yesterday. She daintily stepped over the hot fence trying hard not to let her dangling teats brush against it (nothing is worse than a hot shock to the udder!). Just a little hop, skip, and a jump and Gloria was free from the pasture along with the rest of us.

We started first on the raspberry bushes and maple trees that we hadn't gotten to yesterday. Then we moved back to the spruce trees by the chicken barn. Gloria taste tested all the flowers in the two barn flower planters. Cookie and I moved along the front of the barn to the bushes next to the dog pen. We found gooseberries, maples, and a spruce to eat.

By afternoon, it had started to rain. We decided to move the party indoors to the barn. There wasn't much to eat in the barn since all the grain was in bins. Pepper tested the bag of oyster shell for the chickens and found it too much like sand to be tasty.

The farmer came home and noticed there were no goats in sight in the pasture. She asked her husband if he had put the goats in the barn. He said that he hadn't. The farmer came out to the barn to find us all drunk in massive food comas from the day's pillaging. She put us in our pens with no dinner for the night. Oh well, we really didn't want any dinner after that smorgasbord we had today!

Perhaps tomorrow the farmer will let us out to the pasture again?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Great Escape!

Pepper was the first to notice it when we were let out to the pasture in the morning.
She said, "I think the fence is off".
I said, "No, it's never off. You test it".
"I don't like getting shocked! I don't want to test it", Pepper replied. "Let's get Cookie to test it".
"How will we get her to test it? She's even more of a scaredy-goat than you", I snorted.
"Let's trick her into testing it" Pepper said.
"Good idea", I said. "Hey Cookie! Come over here for a minute."
Cookie came running over to the fence.
"Cookie, look at this bush on the other side of the fence". When she turned to look, Pepper gave her a headbutt and pushed her into the fence. Cookie fell over the fence, knocking it down. Pepper walked over Cookie and into the great forest of delicious leaves. I followed Pepper. Cookie followed me.
"You'll get in trouble!" Gloria called after us. She stayed inside the pasture on her thinking stump and mulled over the situation.

When the farmer came home she saw that the fence was knocked down and the goats were wandering around the yard. She quickly grabbed Pepper, Cookie, and I and put us in the barn in our pens. She then went and let Gloria out of the pasture and put her in her stall.
"Good girl, Gloria" the farmer said as she gave Gloria a scratch and an extra grain treat.
"You are all bad girls" the farmer said to the rest of us. We didn't get any extra grain treats that night, but it was okay because I know I was not in the mood for any extra food after the buffet I had earlier in the day. Oy!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dawn of the Does

We are watching you!

I am watching you!!