Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 Here's the kids! The white ones are mine. The floppy-eared ones are Cookie's. The big brown and black bruts are Gloria's. The kids are all doing well and growing big!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


There are three of us goats being milked currently. Cookie is first in the line-up and produces about 1.5 quarts of milk. The milk machine barely gets warmed up by the time she is done.

I am second in line and I produce a respectable 1/2 gallon of milk per milking. My udder is quite lovely but the farmer curses it because my teats point forward thus forcing the milk machine tubing to be twisted around in order to get the sucker cups on my teats. I reward the farmer's hard work at situating the machine by stepping on the tubing or flicking the sucker cups off with my back foot in mid-milking.

Gloria is last but definitely not least. She produces about 1 gallon per milking with her huge udder. Most people have to comment on the size of her udder when they see it. The best comment was when the farmer's neighbor said that Gloria's udder was bigger than her 20 year old daughter's butt. I guess that is a big udder (or a small butt?).

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The farmer is getting her crystal ball checked...

The farmer was so sure that I was going to have two brown bucks. She told everyone, all the time about it. She said, "Lucy always has twin boys". She said it to friends and neighbors and all the other goats. She also said that I would have my babies on day 150 of gestation because "that's what I always do".

 That's me up there before giving birth, rolling my eyes. We'll see, I thought....

 Here's what I had instead of two brown bucks. I had two white kids. One is a buck, and one is a DOE. I not only had two white kids that the farmer wasn't expecting, I also had one girl and one boy, and I also had them on day 155 of gestation.

 This is the doe - Crystal

This is the buck - Ice G

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Abort Mission!

Abort mission! I repeat ABORT MISSION! In a decoded correspondence intercepted between the farmer and her friend the words "Cookie", "cabrito", and "chevon" were listed numerous times. We believe that direct action will be taken to thwart the uprising over the milkstand controversy. We urge all goats to return to their normal daily operations and follow proper milkstand procedures. Thank you.