Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Bump!

The jig is up! The farmer knows that I am pregnant for sure! Last night she was feeling around on my stomach, on the right side just above my udder, when my little baby made a move for it. The farmer jumped and said "Oooohh!" excitedly. I cursed the baby for giving away the secret so soon. It was supposed to be just between us. Only me and the kids would know what was really going on.

Oh well, at least this means the farmer will continue to give me extra cookies while I am pregnant.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seeds of Doubt

The farmer is debating whether or not I am actually pregnant. Other than my wild new mood swings, there isn't much evidence to tell if I am pregnant or not. I have kept my girlish figure all winter and only gained a few pounds in the stomach area. The other goats haven't gained much weight either (this excludes Pepper Ann, who always gains weight no matter what), so that makes the pregnancy determination all the more harder. I have two more months to go until I will let the world know if I am going to have kids this year. Until then, the farmer will just have to wait and see.