Monday, May 16, 2011

Goodbye and Hello!

Pepper Ann left the farm this weekend. The farmer tells me that she went to a very nice group of ladies in Vermont to live on their sheep farm. Although Pepper was a Nubian (patooey!), she was a wonderful friend and a nice pasture mate. Pepper didn't go alone to her new home. The ladies also took Pepper Ann's daughter, Silver Dollar.

Pepper Ann and Silver Dollar got to ride in the farmer's Jeep to Vermont. They got to take a ferry ride in the Jeep across Lake Champlain (can Nubians float?). And they got to get in the new ladies' truck to go the final 1/2 hour to the sheep farm. Goodbye Pepper Ann and Silver Dollar! Have fun with the sheepies!!!

Then the farmer and her assistant (baby Emily) went further down the highway in Vermont to another sheep farm where the farmer picked up a new pet. No one in the barn is quite sure what this new pet is exactly. It's not a sheep... it's not a dog.... I don't think it is a goat... The farmer says it is a goat, but I have never seen such a goat with long hair like that. While I can get a little fuzzy in the winter, I have nothing on this little thing!

Here is a picture of the new barn thing. What do you think it is???

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pictures! Finally!

The farmer finally brought her camera out to the barn. She took pictures of all us goats to share. Here's me. I am pretty!

Here are all the kids from this year. It's a goat color wheel! Black, brown, white, spots, silver! Every color!

The one in the middle is my son. He looks like a Toggenburg with all the gray and white. I am not sure where that came from. Neither me nor his dad were Toggs.

The one in the middle is my other son. He is a very handsome Alpine looking kid.