Sunday, May 4, 2014

And some more goats were born

 Daisy kidded a few weeks ago. I am taking it as a good sign of the farmer's favoritism of me because it's been two weeks and she is just now getting around to posting Daisy's babies pictures. She posted pictures of MY kid on the day he was born. Daisy's kids are practically weaned and are now just being featured. So guess who the farmer likes better?? THIS GOAT! Take that Daisy!

 Uh, anyway.... Here is a picture of Prince Phillip. He's pretty cute, I guess... for a Saanen cross..

Here is Princess Aurora. Daisy had twins. A boy and a girl.

Here is the best looking kid of all -- my boy "El Grande Burrito". He is winning the "Biggest Baby Goat In The World" contest because he weighed in at 18 lbs at 21 days old. WINNING!