Friday, March 21, 2014

What the??

If you happen to be the one person who actually reads this blog, you might have noticed some discrepancies between the last update and previous entries. Like why am I pregnant and what happened to the plan to breed Fiona this year? Well, as usual, plans didn't function as planned. Fiona didn't reach her growth goals by breeding season so the farmer opted out of breeding her. She did grow well this year and has turned into a very good looking doe. She'll probably be bred next year. Since Fiona was out of the line-up, I was put into the breeding queue. The farmer rationalized that because I have always been a dependable breeder with an easy udder, then I should be bred this year.

So here we are. Daisy and I are bred and Fiona was spared a year.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Winter Update

I took the blog back from Figaro. He thought that since he won the trophy for the parade that he was entitled to the blog but he didn't even bother to update it or the Facebook account or the Twitter feed or even the Pinterest board so I took those back. Besides, the blog is called "Lucy the Goat", not "Figaro the Goat Who Looks Like a Sheep". I believe in truth in advertising, so since I am Lucy, I will take the blog back.

Anyways.... where was I again? Oh, right -- winter..... You will notice that I labeled this post "Winter Update" even though it is early March. Guess what? Up here in the North Country, it is STILL winter! Winter actually goes from mid-October until mid-May here. It's pretty ridiculous but it's true. I have goat friends in Alaska who are currently singing the praises of spring time and thinking about green grass and gardens. You want to know what I am thinking about?? Not freezing my udder off, that's what I am thinking about! This morning was -25F! Brrrr doesn't even begin to describe it.

Thank goodness I had the good sense not to get pregnant the first time the farmer put me in with the buck this year because I would be popping out kids in a week or two. I knew better when I heard the farmer say, "Well, if the weather in 2014 is like last year, then it will be warm and sunny in March so let's breed the goats early and get a jump on things". I knew better. Luckily both me and Daisy had the good fortitude to cross our legs and think unfertile thoughts until the last possible minute. We are both due to kid around April 16th. We were actually bred 8 days apart but since I like to hold my kids until day 156 and Daisy is a first freshener who has a good chance of going early around day 145, we might actually kid on the same day. Yay! Labor besties! Kidding on the same day is great because the farmer is really happy to give us lots of treats and take extra care with the kids. Plus she is usually too busy to bother us too much with anything more than treats and loves. No intense scrutiny or extra poking and prodding.

I will keep you posted on the kid progress. Hopefully winter ends soon (like in a month or two!).