Saturday, June 21, 2014

Meet Alice!

 Hi! I am Alice. I am new to the farm and I like it here and I came from another farm with lots and lots and lots of goats. All the kids were in a nice, big barn and we would talk and talk and talk all the time and no one could ever hear each other talk so we would all talk at the same time. Now I talk and talk and talk all the time and everyone can hear me because there's only five other goats so it's pretty quiet in the barn so I talk and talk and talk. I like to talk and talk sometimes I talk with my mouth empty and sometimes I talk with my mouth full and sometimes I talk while drinking and sometimes I talk when standing still and sometimes while sitting down. The farmer says I talk so much that if she closes her eyes she thinks I am a Nubian and not an Alpine. Isn't that funny? A Nubian! I could never be a Nubian because I am an Alpine and I have Alpine ears and a normal nose, not a Roman one and my parents weren't Nubians or anything. Wouldn't that be funny if I was a Nubian? I would be like "Hi, I am a Nubian". HahHahahahahahahhaahahahahaaa!
 The other goats are nice here and I live with a goat called El Grande Burrito. He's a wether and he's dark brown and white and his mom is Lucy and he still drinks milk. I get to eat grain. I love grain because it is yummy and smells good and makes my tummy full and I could eat it all day long. I wish I had some grain right now! Hahahahahah! Isn't that funny? It's not even lunch time and I want some grain. Grain would be good. I like grass too. Grass is green and tastes good and smells good and is fun to eat. Sometimes I get to go in the pasture and eat grass and it is a lot of fun and I like it except there are bugs that like to bite me and I don't like that and sometimes Daisy tries to beat me up and I don't like that either.
I am the new goat here and someday I might have babies and be milked. That will be fun and I think milking would be good because I will get grain during milking which is awesome and I love grain. It is nice to meet you and I am glad to be here and thanks to the farmer for bringing me to her farm and giving me a nice home and letting me play with the other goats. Bye now!