Monday, July 6, 2009

The Banshee Sisters

Here at the farm there is "us" and "them". The "us" is me and my mom, both Alpine goats. The "them" are the Nubians. The oldest Nubian is Pepper. She thinks she is in charge. She acts like she is in charge. She isn't really in charge. Pepper walks around with her nose stuck in the air and her tail up like she is the best thing ever. She tries to boss everyone around. Really, the one in charge is my mom, Gloria. Gloria is the queen of the place. Pepper is just the "princess".

Just when I had finally gotten used to "Princess Pepper" and all her goofy ideas, she gives birth to two kids that think they were born with a silver bottle in their mouths! I call them the "Banshee Sisters" because they don't ever shut up! They are constantly complaining about everything. I don't mind being put out in the pasture during the day. They act like it is a death sentence. It doesn't bother me to be fed at 6pm rather than 5pm. They act like they will starve to death at any moment from the lack of nourishment. Each one is louder than the other in their protests to the injustices. Sometimes they even scream just because it is something to do.

The one good thing about it is that Pepper doesn't condone the behavior. She will get after them for screaming. She says she chides them because the cacophony is driving her mad. I think it is because finally there is someone who complains louder than she does and she doesn't like that. Not that long ago, Pepper was just as loud as these two. My... how the tables have turned!

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