Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Way It Is

Yesterday my good friend, Matilda, left. I am not sure where she went. The farmer and two people came way past bedtime last night and took her. They pulled her out of our pen and put a leash on her and took her away. They also took my half-sister Madge with them. I have seen the people the farmer was with before. They have come to visit a couple of times and have brought their little half people with them (they call them "kids", but they don't look like the kids I know - they just look like short farmers).

In the past visits they have made quite a fuss over Matilda. I can't really figure out why. She was a good friend but not a real looker (if you know what I mean). Also she is a little bit of a scatter-brain. She spends a lot of time running around asking everyone "WhAAAAAT's going on?! WHAAAAAAT's going on?!". I was always telling her to just eat some grass and be quiet but instead she always worried about stuff.

Even though she had these faults, I loved her so. She was a good roommate for the last two years. I appreciated that she didn't mind when I was in a bad mood and I pushed her away from the hay manger or pushed her out of the feed bowl. I also have to give her props for putting up with her letting her kids' nurse. I was so thankful when the farmer took my kids and gave them a bottle. But Matilda didn't want any of that. She had it in her head to do things "natural". Good for her.

But now she is gone. I don't think she is coming back. I have seen this happen before. Goats come and live here for a while and then one day they disappear. I am not so broken up about my half-sister leaving. She was so immature and annoying! I have no respect for anyone that can put up with the "Banshee Sisters" like she could. The "Banshee Sisters" are the two Nubian kids that were cursed upon this farm this spring. They haven't shut up since they were born! I think they get louder every day! And yet, Madge would just hang out with them like it was cool. Kids these days, I don't even know what to say! So it is okay that she is gone. The less screaming kids around here, the better.

I will miss you Matilda! Good luck in your new life!

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