Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby Goat Watch 2010!!

Spring has decided to come early to the frosty North Country! The weather here has been quite fantastic lately with clear, blue skies and temperatures in the 40s. The snow has started to melt and us goats get to go outside to play almost every single day. What more could a goat ask for?

The farmer was nice enough to clean and sanitize the goat barn last weekend in anticipation of my kids arriving. I am due next week and can't wait! I am as big as a house and ready to get these kids out of me. I have been moved to my kidding pen during the nights. I don't have to share my pen or my food dish with Martha anymore. WhoohoO! Now Martha is sharing the big pen with Gloria. They haven't quite figured out the feeding arrangements yet. The morning and evening feedings are now accomplished with lots of jumping and dodging as Martha crashes nervously around the pen to get away from the possible onslaught of Gloria. The farmer was smart to notice that this racket was disturbing my peaceful meals and she now puts Gloria on the milk stand and leaves Martha in her pen to eat. This way no goats have to share any space with other goats during breakfast and dinner. All is better.

I am preparing for kidding by making an udder. No milk yet but my udder is swollen and ready to kick into production once the kids arrive. I also have started to get a little loose in my backend. It shouldn't be long now until I go into labor. The farmer is on stand-by to be available whenever I decide it's time to let the kids out. I will try to keep her guessing, as is the faithful duty of any respectable goat. ;-)

Well, time to get back to napping in the sun. I will let everyone know when the kids arrive!!

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  1. You just continue to rest in the sun honey, and have the farmer waiting on you hand and hoof. I can't wait to see your babies, I just know they will be darling. Psst, tell me when you're going to have your babies, it will be our little secret.