Monday, March 29, 2010


I had my babies on Thursday! I had two bucks. Both are very handsome Toggenburg-looking kids. One is very big (which I wasn't so happy about at the time.... ). The other is big but not as big as his brother.

I was a good girl and waited for the farmer to get home from yoga class before I started labor. I had to cross my legs all day and wait for her! She got home and I let her know that I was ready by giving her a big greeting. I yelled and yelled. She got the clue.

We went in the barn and I ate some hay and my grain. Then the contractions started for real. I had to lay down a lot and get ready. They hurt so I layed quietly. I started pushing a little. Nothing happened. I started pushing more. Nothing happened still! The farmer came in and gave me a hand. The first baby started to come out but he was big and his leg was bent and the knee. There was no way that his head and his bent leg were coming out at the same time. The farmer reached in and grabbed his leg and pulled it forward. She then pulled on the kid while I pushed. I screamed a little because it was a lot of pushing and pulling!

The next kid came out quickly. The farmer grabbed them both and cleaned them off with towels. I helped by licking them. I was super tired and ready to sleep so the farmer took the boys into the house to feed them and take care of them. She can do all the hard work from now on.

Now I am making milk and having a good time. I get extra grain and cookies on the milk stand. Everyone is very jealous!


  1. Congratulations Lucy! I am very excited to see pictures of your handsome young boys when the farmer has time to show us. I hope that you will help with the selection of good names for them. Well done!

  2. Oh Lucy that's wonderful! I'm so that you had some help and the boys and you are fine. I'd still like to have baby goats but I'm working on my egg laying technique so I don't have to have huge goat babies. No success with that yet here... I can't wait to see pictures!!!

  3. Yeah! I am glad you and your boys are doing well!Hope to see lots of pictures soon!