Friday, February 19, 2010

Martha's Debut!!

Last weekend, Martha the Toggenburg made her full debut as official "Float Goat" in the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Gala Parade. She was a member of the Trudeau Institute's parade float. The theme of the parade this year was "Adirondack Cowboys". What is more cowboy than a goat?? Martha put on her finest attire, complete with backpack and bandana, and marched with her head high all the way down Main Street. She was so good that she didn't even raise a fuss when someone in the crowd yelled, "Hey! Look at the LLAMA!!". Martha had plenty to say about that when she got back to the barn, but during the parade she decided to be a model of fine goat-ness and she held her tongue.

Here are some pictures of Martha in the parade:

Here's Martha all ready to start marching in the parade.

She enjoyed the fringe on the side of the float (a little too much!)

The float was a bucking bull moose ridden by the director of the Institute. The moose was on springs so it moved!

No bull-riding themed float is complete without its rodeo clown!


  1. How cute is Martha!Super cute! She looks nothing like a llama!Who ever said that is just plum crazy!

  2. Wow, Martha is kind of a celebrity now! How exciting! Maybe somebody thought the moose was a llama? Because really, if anybody thinks Martha looks like a llama, I worry about this planet...

  3. I think the Toggenburg's are just striking, would love to have a couple. Martha was looking good for the parade.

    However Lucy, I love the Alpines too, {kiss, kiss}.