Monday, December 21, 2009

My Heart is Breaking!

Hi hi. This is Pepper Ann. My lovely boyfriend has been stolen! He was here one minute and then all of the sudden he was gone! A man from Vermont came and took him away. The farmer says that he is going to a new farm. I am heart broken! It may not have looked like I loved him but I did. Even though I hit him and pushed him away from the food and jumped on him and tried to throw him over the top of the gate, I loved him! Even though I beat him up every time I saw him and he ran the other direction from me all the time, he was my true soul-mate. He was the only want that understood me.

Now I sit at the gate crying and crying for my love to come back. I will continue to cry until my heart has healed. Maybe I need special treats to ease my pain. Maybe I need to stay in the barn and get extra hay just so my depression doesn't worsen. It could be bad. I could fall off the edge of despair at any minute. An apple would help to brighten my day. A delicious balsam branch would bring my spirit some salvation. Perhaps the farmer will hear my heart-wrenching cries and take some pitty on the poor heart broken. Maybe..


  1. awww, I'm sorry Lucy, I'm sure they will bring you some goodies for medicinal purposes.

  2. Yes,yes,treats heal broken hearts!