Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!

Sorry I haven't been keeping up to date with my postings lately. You would think that with the coming of winter that everything would be winding down on the farm. Well, not exactly... With the coming of winter comes breeding season, and frozen water buckets, and no grass, and yucky tasteless hay, and cold, and snow, and no fun at all! This morning there was snow on the ground. Snow! And the farmer thought we needed to go outside in it. What does she think we are? We are not the abominable snow-goat that enjoys the cold and snow, we are dairy goats that belong inside the warm barn with plenty of hay to eat. The farmer says "Come on, you will enjoy being out in the fresh air more than you will like being in the stuffy, stinky barn". I beg to differ.... At least I got a laugh when the kids came bounding out of their stall only to hit the brakes suddenly when they discovered the white stuff on the outside of the barn door. I thought that the Nubian kid was going to melt for sure! Ha! Welcome to winter little one!

And now some pictures of my boyfriend and his buddy: This is my lovely boyfriend, Bart. Isn't he dreamy?

This is his buddy, Vin. Vin is Pepper Ann's BF. Nubians, what are you gonna do?!

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