Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Martha Goes Hiking!

Martha got to go hiking on Sunday with the farmer. I am very jealous but I think I wouldn't have found it so much fun to walk for 4 hours just to go nowhere but up a stupid mountain. Here are some pictures from the hike:
Here they are starting up the trail to Loon Lake Mountain.

Martha started with the leash on but then was let off the leash after they got on the trail a ways.
The trail had lots of bridges to cross. Here the farmer helps Martha over the bridge so her feet don't get stuck in between the loose boards.

This bridge was too shaky to walk on so the farmer carried Martha across the water and set her down on the other side. Carrying her works well for now but once she gets a little bigger it will be harder to pick her up and carry her around water obstacles. I guess Martha will have to learn to get her feet wet.

Marth did well on the trail and got to stop for a snack before they turned around and went back home.
Here they are almost back to the beginning of the trail. It was a nice day with a little rain but cleared up after a bit.

The end of the trail! Time to go home and rest after that long hike!

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