Sunday, April 13, 2014

The farmer should stop trying to predict things

The farmer is great* at predicting what us goats will do *by "great", I mean "so terrible she can't predict the way out of a paper bag". Every year she makes all sorts of predictions about kidding season. And every year, she is completely wrong in every single aspect of every single prediction. Her track record is so bad that she can't even be relied upon to predict if we are pregnant or not. She's one of those people who swears up and down that a certain goat is not bred, only to find a mystery kid in the pen 5 months later.

This year she predicted that I would have twin does on day 155. Guess how much of that prediction she got right?? Um... only the part about how I would give birth this year. In reality, I had one buck kid on day 152.
"El Grande" was born today. The farmer actually tried to predict the time of delivery as Friday night at 9pm. Um.. He was actually born on Sunday at 1pm. (yeah, someone needs to revoke her license to predict). Her terrible predicting skills were not in our favor because the farmer spent all of Saturday night waking up the entire barn every hour to check on me.

Daisy is due next and I can't wait to see what wrong predictions the farmer makes about this one. I have heard her say that Daisy will have twins on day 150. We'll see..... we shall see.......

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