Monday, July 22, 2013


Summer is here for sure! It was very hot and muggy last week. All of us goats spent a lot of time laying around the pasture, trying to enjoy whatever breeze there was. All I can say that was good about the heat wave was that it broke up the 42 days straight of rain we have had. Perhaps there's now a chance that hay will be cut and we will be able to eat for another winter?

 Here is a picture of me to compare to the below picture of my kid, Fiona. She is pretty much a spitting image.

Daisy is playing "Queen of the Mountain" on the Dogloo. There's nothing like a sturdy dog house to keep us occupied for hours!

The boys. Both are getting big. After 10 years of raising buck goats in a dry pen, the farmer finally figured out that she can put them out in their own pasture so they don't have to eat hay. Duh!

And finally, the obligatory Figaro picture.

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