Monday, February 4, 2013

A very goaty weekend!

Did anyone see the Super Bowl commercial with the goat? How great was that?! Did you happen to notice that goat bares a striking resemblance to yours' truly? Along with Crumpet, I should be in the running for TMFGITW!

There was a lot of goaty stuff going on this weekend besides the most watched sporting event in the world giving goats their due. Some of it was good, some was not so good.

Not good - The farmer has been helping her friend's goat, Glory, through pregnancy. Her owners are new to goat birthing and have been very excited to have baby goats on the way. Glory got really big last week and her udder filled all the way up. The farmer saw her on Tuesday and guessed she couldn't have long to go before kidding. Glory is of undetermined age and probably quite old according to the fact that she has started losing her front teeth. This is a bad sign for a pregnant goat. Glory stopped eating on Saturday and wouldn't get up. This is a really bad sign for an old, pregnant goat. The farmer's friend called the farmer and she tried to offer what help she could. Glory went into labor yesterday. Three kids were born. This is a really, really bad sign for an old, pregnant goat. Three was too many for her to support and she passed away. Two of the kids didn't make it either. One kid lived. Luckily the farmer's friend has powdered colostrum and milk replacer on hand to get the kid started. The farmer is going today to drop off some frozen cow colostrum to feed the kid. The bright spot in all this sadness is that many times no kids survive this sort of complicated birth, along with the mom passing away. Let's all hope this little kid sticks with us and lives a long and productive life.

Good - The farmer's other friends who owns my half-sister and one of Pepper's daughters had the farmer over on Saturday to visit. Both of those goats are pregnant and going to kid in March. They are looking great and have grown into beautiful young does. Their owner is very excited and getting ready for kidding and milking. The farmer hopes there's been enough kidding drama in the neighborhood for this year and that these two have no complications.

Great - Someone came to visit the farm yesterday who wants to get goats this summer. She talked to the farmer a bunch and is excited to add goats to her herd of four sheep.

Greatest - Two other people have contacted the farmer looking to get goats this summer. It's great to see more people getting into goats! Goats are the new backyard chickens!

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