Friday, June 8, 2012

Not Many Goats!

The farmer has been down-sizing the herd lately. All the Nubians have left. A lady came and bought Cookie, Blue, and baby Eco. Baby Terra was bought and taken to her new home at 7 days old. Baby Frack died last week due to coccidiosis complicated by dehydration.

For adult goats, there's just me, Gloria and Figaro. Gloria and I are giving milk. Figaro is giving fleece and he's the farm mascot. I will be bred this fall. Gloria is retiring from breeding. At 9 years old she deserves it. The farmer wants to end on a high note since Gloria did well freshening this year and looks good.

For kids, there's Crystal, Prim, Brun, and Bro. Ice, my Saanen buckling, was sent to the neighbor's so she could rehab him from his serious case of coccidiosis scours. He's doing better now. He'll be staying there to be a buddy to her house-sheep. Yep, a sheep that lives in her house... Crystal and Prim will be staying as breeding does at the farm when they get old enough. Brun is going to be the breeding buck this fall. Bro is getting wethered soon and will be a buddy for Brun for when he gets relegated to the buck pen. Both Bro and Brun will become cabrito and chevon after breeding season is over.

The line-up is three adult goats and 4 kids. The farmer is already dreaming about what she will be putting in the empty pen that the Nubians vacated. I heard the word "pigs" the other day. I hope that's not true!!

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