Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The farmer is getting her crystal ball checked...

The farmer was so sure that I was going to have two brown bucks. She told everyone, all the time about it. She said, "Lucy always has twin boys". She said it to friends and neighbors and all the other goats. She also said that I would have my babies on day 150 of gestation because "that's what I always do".

 That's me up there before giving birth, rolling my eyes. We'll see, I thought....

 Here's what I had instead of two brown bucks. I had two white kids. One is a buck, and one is a DOE. I not only had two white kids that the farmer wasn't expecting, I also had one girl and one boy, and I also had them on day 155 of gestation.

 This is the doe - Crystal

This is the buck - Ice G

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