Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm Pregnant!

Well, the farmer finally got tired of trying to figure out if I was pregnant by looking at me and squishing on my belly. She took a blood sample from me and sent it to a lab for the goat BioPRYN test. This test will tell you for sure if a goat is pregnant or not. Guess what? I am pregnant! The farmer is kind of bummed about it because she says I will be due the same weekend she was supposed to go to a conference for work at a casino. I have never heard of someone having a work conference at a casino so I think the farmer’s “conference” is really an excuse to get out of town and gamble. Humph! Us, goats, are smart enough not to gamble. We save our pennies for the truly important things – like more animal crackers!

The farmer is glad she did the pregnancy test because now it explains why I have been in such a bad mood lately. I have been beating up my roommates and have been very obstinate about getting grain and hay all to myself. The farmer believes any goat that gets grumpy in their last two months of pregnancy must be carrying only male kids. The testosterone of the male kids messes with the mom’s hormones and makes her angry and ready to fight any goat in her path. I believe that I am grumpy because the farmer has me rooming with a sheep that swears he’s a goat (he says he’s an Angora goat) and a Nubian who swears she’s an Alpine (she’s only ¼ Alpine so that doesn’t count). Anyone would be grumpy if they had to live with those two! I guess I will have to grin and bear it until I get closer to kidding so I can get the kidding pen all to myself.

I will keep you updated on when my kids come!

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