Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Dating Game!

It's that time of year again. The leaves have fallen off the trees, there's a hint of snow in the air, and I am looking for love! The farmer was very nice and brought home a lovely Oberhasli buck named "Abel" last month. He came from the farmer's friend who has many lovely bucks to choose from. When Abel got here I was quite smitten with him. Let's just say that I was willing and Abel was able! Then my mom, Gloria, got all goo goo eyes over Abel and he started to hang out with her more often. I decided that even though I liked Abel at first, I was not a goat who wanted her family tree to look like a wreath. If I let myself have kids with Abel and my mom had kids with him, my kids would also be my half-siblings! I couldn't let that happen. I decided that I would not have kids with Abel.
This month I came back into heat and the farmer decided to take me to her friend's farm so I could choose my own date. At first the farmer's friend brought out a large Saanen buck. He was very nice but didn't seem to interested in getting the job done. After a while the farmer's friend brought out different Oberhasli buck. He was pretty like Abel. I decided that this Oberhasli would be all mine and I wouldn't share him with my mom.
I think I will have kids now. The farmer is hoping I am pregnant. We won't know until the spring if I was bred by the Saanen or the Oberhasli. If I have white kids, then the Saanen did it. If I have chestnut kids with black trim, then the Oberhasli did it. If I have a white kid and a chestnut kid then I will be the first goat to appear on Maury Povich!

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  1. Congratulations, Lucy, on your potential impending kids! We will of course be excited to see pictures of them, and to share in your stories about being a maaaah-m.