Tuesday, March 8, 2011


All this winter I had been enjoying living in the big pen with Cookie. I was pretty happy that I had the big pen to run around in and two hay mangers to chose from. Granted, I was not happy that I had to share this with Cookie. Other than giving Cookie a few shoves when she got too close to my food, I never shared my dislike for her as a roommate. Well, the farmer decided that Cookie was special since she is due to have kids first so the farmer put Cookie in the kidding pen. This meant that Gloria had to share my pen! Gloria is the herd leader and can be quite bossy sometimes. I tried to show the farmer that this wasn't going to work by running and crying whenever the farmer was around. She didn't listen to me until the next day. I thought the farmer would be nice and let me stay in the big pen because I was there first, but no, she let Gloria get the big pen!! I am stuck in the little pen!! No fair!


  1. Forgive me for giggling ;) Lucy, I am sorry your getting pushed around. Hang in the my goat friend.

  2. Oh Lucy, you shouldn't have to share with anyone or sleep in the little pen.. But anyone who does share with you should feel privileged.