Friday, January 21, 2011

I am in a bad mood!

I have been in a bad mood for a few weeks. I have decided that I don't want to share my stall with Cookie, the Nubian (patooey!). She is getting in my way when I want to walk around and she won't let me eat both bowls of grain (like she needs her own bowl, gimme a break!). All this has put me in a very grumpy mood. Now whenever I see Cookie I push her out of the way and head-butt her. If I have a problem with where she is napping, I go over and step on her until she lets me lay down where she was sleeping.

My bad mood is not only focused on Cookie. I have been grumpy to the other goats when we are in the pasture. I have tried to push Pepper out of the way of the hay bale but pushing her is a little like trying to push a 55 gallon drum up a hill. She usually just stands there until I give up. I have tried pushing Gloria out of the way but Gloria gets more grumpy than I am and she pushes me back. We have a little tussle and I usually end up having to go back to my hay bale and push Cookie off of it.

The farmer says that whenever a goat who is 3 months pregnant starts getting grumpy for no reason, it means that the goat is going to have only male babies. The extra testosterone in my body from the growing male babies is causing me to be "hormonally imbalanced" and grumpy. I don't know if the farmer is right because my last two pregnancies both resulted in twin boys and I was not grumpy during them. Maybe I am pregnant with twin girls and I can't handle the added estrogen? Well, we will see who's theory is right in 2 more months. Until then, watch out Cookie!


  1. Goodness me! I think we need an attitude adjustment! Still, I would not want to be pregnant with twins, so I can understand your predicament. Goat power!

  2. honey, if you're grumpy then the farmer needs to pamper you a lot, you're obviously not getting the attention you deserve, tell farmer what you need and don't take no for an answer.

  3. Oh Lucy, you can be grumpy all you want. You are probably tired and ready to have those babies. You hang in there--can’t wait to see if you have little boys or not :)