Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Great Escape!

Pepper was the first to notice it when we were let out to the pasture in the morning.
She said, "I think the fence is off".
I said, "No, it's never off. You test it".
"I don't like getting shocked! I don't want to test it", Pepper replied. "Let's get Cookie to test it".
"How will we get her to test it? She's even more of a scaredy-goat than you", I snorted.
"Let's trick her into testing it" Pepper said.
"Good idea", I said. "Hey Cookie! Come over here for a minute."
Cookie came running over to the fence.
"Cookie, look at this bush on the other side of the fence". When she turned to look, Pepper gave her a headbutt and pushed her into the fence. Cookie fell over the fence, knocking it down. Pepper walked over Cookie and into the great forest of delicious leaves. I followed Pepper. Cookie followed me.
"You'll get in trouble!" Gloria called after us. She stayed inside the pasture on her thinking stump and mulled over the situation.

When the farmer came home she saw that the fence was knocked down and the goats were wandering around the yard. She quickly grabbed Pepper, Cookie, and I and put us in the barn in our pens. She then went and let Gloria out of the pasture and put her in her stall.
"Good girl, Gloria" the farmer said as she gave Gloria a scratch and an extra grain treat.
"You are all bad girls" the farmer said to the rest of us. We didn't get any extra grain treats that night, but it was okay because I know I was not in the mood for any extra food after the buffet I had earlier in the day. Oy!

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  1. It's always good to test the farmer. We try to shimmie under our fence all the time.