Monday, August 30, 2010

Where did I go?

"Where did I go?", you might be asking if you are a fan of this blog. I didn't go anywhere. Nope, nowhere. I haven't been able to post because the farmer has been busy training her new farm helper - "Baby Emily". I am not too impressed with her progress in training. By three months old, my babies are already learning to jump off of high places, climb the gate for grain treats, and they are ready to be weaned from milk. So far in three months, Baby Emily has learned only not to scream so much while the farmer is busy milking me. Sheesh! That's not much of an accomplishment if you ask me! I often wonder what the farmer has been training her to do, if anything at all. She can't even hand out one grain treat yet. Human babies are so unrefined.

So, what's going on with me, you ask? I am well. The summer has been good to me. I had twin boys this year, if you remember. Both of them grew up to be strong and happy by three months old (unlike some other baby we have around here!). They went off to their new home to entertain a young girl with cancer. I hope they are behaving themselves and are keeping the girl happy.

Finally we have a real summer of sun and heat and not so much rain. The last couple of summers have been rainy. Us goats do not like the rain. It's wet and cold and very un-fun. Sometimes when it rains the farmer lets us stay in the barn for the day. That is boring but at least we get some hay for breakfast and we don't get wet. Sometimes, though, we aren't so lucky and the farmer makes us stay outside in the rain huddled under the pine tree. Yuck! Well, I digress.... Summer has been good this year. I am fat and shiny. The other goats are fat and shiny as well (some fatter than others -- Pepper Ann!). Fall is coming. It's getting colder and the leaves are starting to change. Oh well, all good things must come to an end.

On another note, the farmer says she has found me a boyfriend for the fall. His name is "Jazz" and he is quite handsome. He's a Nubian (patooey!) cross, but I have been assured that the Nubian part of him is very faint and hardly noticeable. The farmer says she is trading him for my roommate, Martha. Martha has been acting badly and was put on the list to leave the farm. She was being silly and running away from the farm sitter when the farmer went on vacation. That kind of thing is not allowed and Martha must now find a new home. Also, the farmer says that 5 goats is too many for the small red barn in the winter time. I will miss my roommate, but I will be happy to meet my new boyfriend. Here is a picture of him (please disregard the Nubian (patooey!) ears).

Well, that is all that is happening with me. Later!

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  1. Human babies take a long time to train but once she is big she will best friends with you goaties!