Tuesday, August 11, 2009

LOL from P-Ann

So, OMG, today I get to write the blog and tell everyone about the other wonderful goats at the farm -- ME! I am soooo excited to give a shout-out to the planet and say "Hey-ay!" to all. Like, okay, I have been so totally wrapped with what's happenin' that I haven't even had time for a good pedicure. It's so unfair! Like yesterday I got all excited because the farm chick got home in time to give me some extra weeds and she totally blew me off to go in the house and talk to the farm dude. How rude! And like the other day the farm chick was gone and the farm dude had to feed me and he totally didn't know what was going on and totally gave me like a way tiny bit of hay. I was so over it in about 2 seconds and was like, "Yo, dude! Where's the rest of my weeds?" He totally left me hanging. So not cool...

Luckily the sun is a blastin' and I am working on my tan out in the weed patch. I hope my 'do doesn't get all bleached out from the 'shine. OMG that would be too much! But whatever... So I better jet and get rollin' with the sun tan. TTYL!! :-)

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